The Ogden Location has Finally Moved!

After two years of hard work (mostly done ourselves) we are absolutely thrilled to announce that the Ogden location has finally moved to it’s forever home at 2262 Washington Blvd, Ogden UT 84401.

The move itself is taking place over the course of several weeks through July 9, 2019. In the meantime we are clearance pricing more inventory than ever before – quite simply, so Jon and Zane don’t have to carry it over. So come see us, check out the new shop, and keep your eyes open for our grand opening with even more great deals later this summer!

What’s a Pancake Prerelease?

Pizza is so passe.

Join us Friday April 26th at midnight for a new kind of prerelease where coffee and pancakes are made fresh to help keep your head in the game and not on your stomach. Additionally, if you pre-order your box of War of the Spark now and get a foil promo Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge free with purchase.

See you there!